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Curtis Korea

Products for Material Handling Vehicles


Since 1960, Curtis Instruments has been a global leader in electric vehicle control and instrumentation. Curtis provides state-of-the-art integrated vehicle systems technology to help OEMs meet the demands of modern vehicle design. Ergonomics, flexibility and functionality and performance are the foundations of Curtis' systems approach. Curtis products meet or exceed international regulatory requirements and are tied into a unified system, linked through industry-standard communication and interconnection.

Motor Speed Controllers

For electric vehicles of all types, Curtis has set the standards for decades. Curtis' renowned motor speed controllers lead the industry in innovation, quality and reliability. We offer unique controllers for Traction, Pump, and Steering applications, providing exceptionally smooth and safe operation of AC Induction, SepEx ®, Series and Permanent Magnet motors. The Curtis Vehicle Control Language (VCL) allows users to program, integrate and configure Curtis motor speed controllers. Users rely on a single controller to "master control" CANbus and CANopen devices. Programming is easy with a universal handheld-unit or a PC based programming station.


Curtis offers an extensive instrumentation product line in the electric vehicle market, including programmable CAN color instruments for every dash size. Vehicle manufacturers can program a broad range of functions and styles to meet their specific needs. Battery monitoring and

Power Conversion Products

Battery chargers and DC/DC Converters are critical links in the vehicle energy management chain. Curtis battery chargers provide very high efficiency from the AC line to the battery; and, DC/DC converters provide very high-efficiency from the battery to the vehicle components, resulting in lower operating cost.

Input Devices and Accessories

Curtis offers a complete line of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic throttles, control heads, switches and senders to make the important connection between the operator and the vehicle. Alarms, beacons and other accessories round out the Curtis line.

DC Contactors and Disconnect Switches

Curtis is the exclusive source in the U.S. and Far East for high quality Curtis/Albright DC contactors and Disconnect switches