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Curtis Korea

Input Devices

Electronic Code Switch

The Curtis ECS module is a flexible, easy to implement, operator identification keypad supporting RFID and PIN access. It ensures only authorized users have access to the machine guaranteeing safe control and secure operation.

Foot Pedals

Curtis Model FP foot pedals are designed and manufactured to achieve unprecedented reliability in off-highway vehicles. Curtis foot pedals provide a wide variety of mechanical solutions and easy integration with Curtis motor controllers.


Curtis Model FP-10 foot pedals are designed to be a reliable, safe and easy-to-install throttle for industrial battery powered vehicles. Model FP-10 offers dual return springs with fault detection on those springs to allow throttle fault detection as well as the ability to implement a "limp-home" mode.

Pot Assemblies

Wig-Wag throttles which provide an output for motion in both directions. A conductive plastic element in conjunction with unique wiper and shaft support design provides a durable throttle with longer mechanical life.

Steering Sensors

Curtis Steering Sensor Units replace conventional steering columns on steer-by-wire electric power steering systems. They are fully integrated electromechanical units consisting of a shaft, bearings and sensors. Steering Sensor Units convert the mechanical movement of the steering wheel into a dual-redundant electrical signal that provides steering wheel position, steering speed and direction data to the steering control system.

Tiller Heads

The Curtis TH series are tiller heads packaged in a rugged housing that offer an attractive and practical method of controlling 24V electric vehicles.